Science Epic Studios

We are Science Epic Studios. A group of Scientists, explorers, wanderers dedicated to sharing our passion of science storytelling with the world.

We make videos, original live presentations, and organize community events geared towards communicating popular science ideas with the public and all of humanity.

About Us

There was once a 16 year old boy from Malaysia who in 2008 went into a bookstore and picked up a copy of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. ​Safe to say that that boys life, has never been the same. The science man left a profound impact on his emerging consciousness. And ever since then that boy has dreamed of filling in the shoes of a Science Communicator. Albeit with a little bit of rockstar pinache. And so Science Epic Studios was born.


YouTube Channel

We started making science videos in 2010. Check out our playlist of videos on the Science Epic Channel.


As Science Communicators, we don't just limit ourselves to making videos. We also do live presentations. Here is a 3 minute science talk on FameLab.


In commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the space age, we are currently producing a podcast series called '60 Years of the Space Age'. Also on our YouTube channel.

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